What is Lothgar Online? Edit

Lothgar Online is a Dransik clone created by Jason "Lothgar" Ely, in 2005 after his departure from the "Dransik" team.

It is being relaunched in ------------ after community support to relaunch due to the lack of developer interaction in "Dransik" by the company that owns the game, "Pixel Mine Games".

You can also find the official forums at Elderlands

You can find the official facebook group page at Lothgar Online

This wiki is a huge WIP, and many things aren't complete nor available as we don't have the information needed. If you have any of the information missing please share, or edit the pages.

Sub-Categories Edit

Map-0 World Map - A map with different locations labeled for player reference.
Death Monsters - A list of every monster in the game, along with information about the monsters.
HelmetOfDarkness Armor - A list of every armor available in the game, along with it's stats.
MagicGoldenAxe Weapons - A list of every weapon available in the game, along with it's stats.
Gallery Gallery - Upload, or view Lothgar Online Screenshots
GreyHorse EXP Tables - Lothgar Online's EXP Tables
Gear Mechanics - Lothgar Online's inner mechanics details, and explanations.